Ultimate Apeel magazine is always looking for fresh new photographers, models and artists to showcase in the magazine. There is no payment or compensation for featured work. The magazine is promoting and showcasing the artist/model. To give a plateform to advertise your work as a photographer, artist or model.

  If you would like to submit work please read guidelines below.

- Images have to be nudes. NO clothing allowed. NO underwear/swimwear, etc.
- The magazine does show full frontal images in the mix, together with implied nudes and portraits to add variety.
- Artists can submit a variety of thier work or choose to focus on one concept, one model or theme.
- Photographer make sure you have permission, sign photo releases from models to share images.

- Models please have permission from photographers to share images that you're submitting to be featured.

- Images must be 8x11 300 dpi for final use but you can submit lower resolution images for submission first.


-Models if you are submitting for the Opportunity to be one of our Double COVER MODELS.

Please submit the following.

  • Head shot
  • Profile shots
  • Full body shot
  • Nude shot

SUBMISSIONS (and Enquiries):